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New progress was made in the hr7085 proposal on Yao Ming Kant over the weekend.WptpokeronlinefreeThe House of Representatives made a lot of changes to the details of the bill. The latest changes give Pharmaceutical's business in the United States a longer buffer period, that is, 60 days after promulgation, with an exemption period of 365 days, and a further 180-day exemption period after expiration. In other words, the medicine has been given slowly for about two years. There is also a 2032 exemption period, after the proposal comes into effect until January 20, 2032, the contract of the pharmaceutical department will not be affected.

On the whole, there will be a buffer of about three years after the landing of the proposal, and new orders can be signed; after that, new orders cannot be signed by 2032, but orders can continue to be executed. The scope of impact on business scope restrictions is not high because of the relatively small number of prohibited procurement targets. As soon as the news of the proposal came out, the adr of Yao Ming Biomeimei stock rose sharply. In addition, there is also itsWptpokeronlinefreeHe had some simple conversations: Hong Kong stocks performed strongly last Friday, mainly due to rumors about the possible tax relief on Hong Kong stock dividends; rumors of TMA price increases involved coordinated price increases among enterprises; and there was another explosion in the private offerings circle, and the 3 billion Sunshine Private Investment Ruifengda ran away.

wptpokeronlinefree| An interpretation of the new progress of WuXi AppTec's proposal is clearly explained in an article

Northbound real-time turnover will not be seen from tomorrow, and the market's judgment on social finance data may affect the market next week. The bearish view that the total amount is not good-looking may put an end to the rebound; the bearish view that the downturn in the data will make the policy work ahead of time. The market trend depends on the specific situation, if the market does not fall but rise, the market may continue, and Hong Kong stocks are also one of the main forces of the rebound.

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